Hitachi P50X01AU

Published: 16th February 2010
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The P50-X01AU is one of the older models in test. In fact its date of manufacture indicates it was made it 2007, which means it was probably lying around in some warehouse for a good many months. Nevertheless it's a very clean looking display and has a very rugged industrial grade look to it. The rear is metal, unlike plastic that is favoured by most other vendors.

The outer portion of the front bezel is finished in brushed aluminum while the inner portion is finished with a mock glass sort of finish. The speakers are very cleverly integrated into the front bezel and you won't feel that they have been added later - great design here. The middle portion of the bottom of the bezel consists of a flap that is flush fitting with the rest of the bezel and opens to reveal an HDMI port, a 3.5mm jack, composite port and the menu and volume buttons. We welcome the inclusion of a front HDMI port because of the convenience offered.

Even more welcome is a headphone jack on the front panel. The panel being a plasma display is hard glass and glossfinished. There is some sort of surface treatment that has been done because despite the fact that the panel is glossy there is minimal reflection. Hitachi has also done well with the stand; it's not large, but is ultra stable and the pivot action is very smooth. Being an older display when we connected it to our test PC using D-Sub connectivity the maximum resolution we could get was 1280 x 1024 pixels.

While there was no serious issue with any of the Display Mate tests we were not fully satisfied with this displays performance in all of the tests. The colours are not bad, but could have better while the same can be said for the contrast ratio and moiré tests. With movies the P50-X01AU is good with 1080p content, but it does not scale well with lower resolution stuff.

Text resolution is decent but should have been better before we recommend you using this as a monitor. DVD movies also have issues, presumably because they are not of the panels' native resolution. This, it seems is the major issue with this display - it doesn't do very well with non-native resolution content. For Rs 1,35,000 the P50-X01AU is expensive for a Plasma TVs display and not recommended by us for any usage pattern.

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